Summer Layers

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We’re coming up on one month of summer and days are about to get hotter, and hotter. That means it’s the perfect time to talk about summer layering.

Wait. What the –??

That’s right, guys! It’s only gonna keep get hotter as the days go by, so this is where layering comes in because we wouldn’t want to sacrifice style for comfort, now would we? We can have it all! It’s all just in putting together the right pieces. Such layering should be more gentle and soft. Play with cooler fabrics and then mix and match! Read More

DIY Slogan Straw Hat

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Trying to keep up with this bipolar, Orange County weather is nearly impossible! Just this week, it went up to 86•f , it rained, and snowed up in Big Bear. IN MAY!! Ahhhh!! Send help!!

Today however, is a whole different story. It’s a bit chilly but the sun is out and soon enough we’ll be back to a much warmer 80+ summer-like degree weather!

So, I’ve put together this fun DIY Slogan Straw Hat tutorial for you, to get you summer-ready regardless of what the day ends up looking like today. Inspired by the original, $485 Eugenia Kim slogan hat, this fun knockoff will cost you less than $10!Read More

A Skirt Tie-dye For


A tie-dye anything might not be at the top of your favorite-piece-of-clothing list -let alone your shopping list, but there is something about this colorful print that holds a special place in our hearts from childhood. Whether you were around in the sixties, walking through the streets plastered in tie-dye, or a young child at summer camp tie-dyeing a tee, this print continues to come around and take us back.

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