Ways of Giving Back This Holiday Season (and Upcoming Year)!

Ways of giving back this holiday season, give back, make a difference,

Happy holidays, guys! I hope you all had yourself a wonderful, family-filled Christmas!

With so much going on in our house this month, we tried to be more conscious about the practicality in the gifts we gave, how much we spent and really tried focusing on each other and what this season is really about. So it got me thinking, how can my family and I (and others), give back not just this holiday season, but this upcoming year?

I made a list and broke it down into two categories: ways of giving back and companies/brands that give back. Here’s what I came up with.Read More

Stocking Stuffer Ideas: for Him & Her

Stocking stuffer ideas, for him and her

To conclude this year’s gift guides, I thought I’d save the best for last, with: 50+ stocking stuffer ideas for him and her! Spoiler alert: IT’S A GOOD ONE, and the great thing about these gift ideas, is that they can be gifted year-round! Personally, I enjoy gifting baskets, or in this case stockings, full of goodies that person will love. That’s what I did for my bridesmaids, and what I try to do for my family and friends, every chance I get.

For more gift ideas, check out last year’s gift guide for him, for her, for the host/ess, and for the traveler. All items, have been linked in the widget below (at the end of each guide) for you to shop!

Happy shopping, guys!Read More

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: for Her

Today’s Holiday Guide is all about the ladies! This includes moms, sisters, mother in law, girlfriends, teachers, co-workers, etc. I think we can all agree that some ladies are harder to shop for than others, so I’ve included some budget friendly items and incorporated some splurge-worthy items as well.

Gifting someone shouldn’t be hard. It should be fun and of course, from the heart. If you find yourself struggling, stop and think of what truly makes that person happy. The answer won’t always be a store-bought item. It can be something as simple as a weekend getaway, a day out, a romantic dinner, a simple thank you card or an I love you card, possibly a book or a drive somewhere.

If I’m right, you probably started thinking about the person and already figured out what you were going to gift them. If you’re still struggling or would like to add to the gift, check out the list below!

  • Candle set. I can not tell you how many of my cousins, girlfriends, and social media influencers I’ve seen raging over candles – myself included. These are super popular, but this one is one I own and absolutely love. Check out World Market, they have such a great variety of candles.
  • Calming bath salts. They’re not only soothing, but look and smell beautiful, too!
  • Laura Mercier Honey Bath. I’ve heard so many great things about this product! It’s like bath salts, but in a soft honey-like form.
  • Day at the Spa. Treat her to a day at the spa. What girl does not love getting pampered!
  • A watch. There’s no better TIME to gift a watch, than now, for the holidays! Ha! See what I did there? Seriously though.
  • A picnic basket. If you know this is something they already enjoy, upgrade their picnic basket and plan one out.
  • Dainty pendant (with their initial or yours). There’s nothing sweeter than small, detailed gifts like these.
  • BKR water bottle. Okay guys, these bottles are amazing! They’re made of glass but protected by silicone all around and come in a variety of colors.
  • Patagonia sweater or jacket. If you caught my Gift Guide: for Him last week, then you know how great of a gift a Patagonia sweater or jacket would make. Especially right now. This one is on Tony’s like and this one is on mine!
  • Letter board. These boards are so fun! They’re great for so many things: motivational or quirky messages, reminders, events, businesses, etc..
  • A pair of white sneakers. Great staples!
  • New purse. You can’t go wrong with a new purse guys! Depending on who you’re purchasing it for, you probably, most likely already know the style of purse or color they like.
  • Foodie dice game. Make dinner fun with the foodie dice game!
  • Instax polaroid camera. An overall, fun little gift.
  • Planner/Agenda. Comes in handy year-round, and it’s not just for the organized gal, but for the busy body, the student, the mom, the fiancé planning a wedding, etc.
  • Tickets to an event. This can be to anything you know they’d really enjoy: a play, a sports game, concert, a show, or museum.
  • A stocking full of goodies. Honestly, this is my favorite gift to give. Why? Because it’s a stocking (can be a basket, mug or any other container) full of a ton of goodies you know they’ll love and actually use! Thinking of going with this idea? Stay tuned, I’ll be sharing a ton of stocking stuffer ideas this week!

Need more ideas? Check out last year’s gift guide for her.


The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: for Him

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for him, Gift Guide for him, Gift Guide, Holiday Season

Not sure what to get the dudes in your life this holiday season? I’ve got you covered, and just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, too! Last week I asked Tony and a couple of guy friends, what they would actually like to receive this holiday season. Let’s just say I was blown away by some of the awesome gifts they mentioned.

  • A backpack or a bag. Nowadays, it’s so common for people to be sporting backpacks to the gym, on hikes, when bike riding, traveling… literally everywhere. Tony has two backpacks: one for work, one for weekend adventures. Does your guy own a backpack? Does it need an upgrade? This Mark and Graham double duty bag/backpack was my favorite find. It’s perfect for any guy, especially dads!
  • White sneakers. Great staples!
  • Dart board. This is one of the gift suggestions, that really surprised me. It’s such a great suggestions. Man cave or not, it’s great for any social event!
  • Drone or GoPro. Every guy I know that has a drone or GoPro and loves it!
  • Patagonia sweater or jacket. Okay you guys, this one right here is a winner suggestion, especially right now that we’re gearing up for cooler temps. Patagonia has the warmest outdoor-weather gear ever. Check them out! This one is on Tony’s list and this one is on mine! Perfect for Big Bear and our honeymoon!! Eeeck!
  • Fitbit/ fitness bracelet. Great for the active, guy-on-the-go!
  • Tickets to a concert or sports game. Can’t go wrong with this as a gift!
  • Corn hole set. Another winner suggestion! If you’ve ever played corn hole, you know this would make one amazing present for your guy.
  • Roller blades or bike. Perfect for the outdoor guy!
  • Home bartender set. This would make such a great gift for the guy who likes hosting people over for games, bbq’s, guy’s night, or just likes getting creative with drinks.
  • A jersey of their favorite sports team. Perfect for them to wear on game days!
  • New wallet. Great, practical gift!
  • A watch. You can not go wrong with a watch. All you have to do is find the watch that suits your man’s style (business, casual, colorful, vintage, unique…).
  • A book. Maybe not as “fun” or “popular” as the rest of these gifts, but don’t underestimate the power of a good book! Find one your man will love. To give you an idea, Tony’s given me two books in the past: one that lists the best hiking spots in the U.S. and the other was an illustrated book in which he wrote the sweetest words in, for our anniversary.
  • A pair of sunglasses. Can’t go wrong with a new pair of sunglasses, guys!
  • A tent. Spoil your guy with a new tent (or his first tent ever) and don’t stop there, take him on a weekend getaway. BAM! Now it’s a two part gift!
  • The Art of Shaving kit. Treat your guy to a new shaving kit.

Need more ideas? Check out last year’s gift guide for him.