Stocking Stuffer Ideas: for Him & Her

Stocking stuffer ideas, for him and her

To conclude this year’s gift guides, I thought I’d save the best for last, with: 50+ stocking stuffer ideas for him and her! Spoiler alert: IT’S A GOOD ONE, and the great thing about these gift ideas, is that they can be gifted year-round! Personally, I enjoy gifting baskets, or in this case stockings, full of goodies that person will love. That’s what I did for my bridesmaids, and what I try to do for my family and friends, every chance I get.

For more gift ideas, check out last year’s gift guide for him, for her, for the host/ess, and for the traveler. All items, have been linked in the widget below (at the end of each guide) for you to shop!

Happy shopping, guys!


  • Cologne. Gift him his favorite cologne or one he’s been wanting.
  • Tie, Cufflinks, Tie Bar. Why stop at one, give him the entire set!
  • Shaving kit. Tony just got one from his cousin and he loves it!
  • Watch. You can’t go wrong with a watch!
  • Pocket watch. Such a great gift! Especially when engraved.
  • Video game. Surprise them with a brand new game!
  • Personalized golf balls. Such a sweet gift for the men in your life, who play golf!
  • Pomade. For his good hair.
  • Shoe polish. So that his shoes are always nice and polished! Plus, it’s inexpensive and long-lasting!
  • Wallet or Money clip. Some guys prefer wallets, others prefer money clips!


  • Jewelry. Spoil her with something sparkly: earrings, a necklace, bracelet or a ring.
  • Nail polish. I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets excited over a new nail polish!
  • Perfume. Can’t go wrong with a new scent they’ll love! Currently loving this one!
  • Travel sewing kit. So handy to have!
  • Travel nail kit. Also, very handy to have!
  • Purse hook. If you don’t know what this is, it’s a tiny hook you can hang off a table and hang your purse from. My mother-in-law carries one in her purse everywhere she goes, and it’s so great. Keeps us ladies from having to put our purse on the floor!
  • Face Masks. You can’t go wrong with something
  • Shopping List notepad. Such a great idea for the anybody, really. No more forgetting what you needed to buy!
  • Compact mirror. Perfect for on the go!
  • Kitchen gadgets. How does a new set of spoons, forks and knives sound? Perhaps she’s a baker and would enjoy new baking tools?
  • Bath bombs. So relaxing! She’ll love it. This one is amazing! But so is this bath honey option.
  • Dry shampoo. Every girls best friend! This one from Not Your Mother’s is currently my favorite.


  • Earphones.
  • Monogrammed leather strap keychain.
  • Beanie, earmuffs or scarf.
  • Personalized desk sign.
  • Money.
  • USB Drive.
  • SD Card.
  • Planner/Agenda.
  • Pair of socks.
  • Sunglasses.
  • A wallet.
  • Sports hat.
  • Luggage tag.
  • Umbrella.
  • Stress ball.
  • Eye glass repair kit.
  • Manicure kit.
  • Handy tools.
  • A new mug or matching mugs.
  • Stainless steal travel mug.
  • Coasters.
  • CDs/DVDs.
  • Power Bank Power Charger.
  • USB Car Charger.
  • Phone case or Phone Armband.
  • Mini bottle of wine, champagne or beer.
  • Beef Jerky.
  • Favorite candy, gum or snack.
  • Coffee or tea.
  • Gift Card. (ideas) Amazon, iTunes, Visa Prepaid Card, Starbucks, their favorite restaurant…
  • Game set. (ideas) Uno, Dominos, Deck of cards, Cards Against Humanity, Yoga Dice Game, Crossword puzzle book…
  • One-year subscription. (ideas) their favorite Magazine, Spotify, Netflix, theme park annual pass, monthly subscription box…
  • Reusable shopping bag. These guys really come in handy! This one from FEED Projects is my absolute favorite!
  • Lottery tickets. Tony is actually the one who introduced me to this gift idea – his family does it, and I love it! Scratchers make great little gift add-ons.

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