Holiday Gift Guide: FOR HIM

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Time to spoil the guys!

Jord watch – as mentioned in my gift guide: for her post, I love this watch brand. Both their men’s and women’s watches are equally beautiful in craft and design. This holiday season, I’ve partnered up with Jord Wood Watches to gift Tony (and you) one of their watches, to add to his collection (and yours… keep reading). I chose the Dover Ebony and Copper watch for him because of the color and detail in it -detail such as exposed mechanics, which Tony has been loving lately. Seriously, you have to check out the rest of their watches! And because it is, after all, the most wonderful time of year, Jord Wood Watches and I have set up and instant giveaway where everyone wins at least $25 towards a watch! Enter here, giveaway ends January 1st, 2017!

Shaving kit – can’t go wrong here… unless he has no beard or mustache which, if that’s the case, go for another type of grooming kit.

A good pajama set or onesie – this ones a no-fail-gift! Everybody loves pajamas, especially on Christmas morning!

A badass mug – I’m crazy over mugs and I’ve recently gotten Tony into them. What it took was a really badass mug! Now he’s excited to drink coffee, tea and milk all the time! A great way to start the day? I think so!

Socially acceptable jogger pants – joggers are the best! They’re perfect for a comfy day out, they’re socially acceptable when styled appropriately to the occasion, and great for a lazy day indoors when dressed down! Express is my go to when buying joggers! They have such a variety of colors: green, black, grey and white, for both men and women.

Duffle bag – duffle bags are so great! They’re perfect for the gym, for travel, for carrying in the car and even for storage.

Drone or remote control car – I’ve bought both for Tony and he absolutely loves them! They’re fun for anyone, of any age! ***Oh, and if you end up going with this gift, make sure batteries are included -they’ll be heartbroken if they can’t play with it right away! True story. It happened to me when I got Tony his McLaren P1 RC car. He was so excited to see the car, but so disappointed when we realized batteries weren’t included -we drove straight to Target! Lol

A nice denim jacket – denim is something that will never go out of style which is why I bought two sherpa-lined denim jackets from Gap! One for my dad and one for Tony.

Wallet or money clip – a good wallet is a necessity. Grab a wallet for your guy and use it as a stocking stuffer! This black ribcage card holder wallet is amazing! Or this (Hermes type of  orange) one here. If your guy is more of a money clip type of guy -there’s this handsome looking stainless steel money clip. There’s also this leather money clip -another great option.

Rechargeable phone case – nowadays we can’t live without our phones, so this gift is pretty self explanatory, and makes for a great stocking stuffer!

Amazon Echo Dot – I’ve been hearing nothing but good things about this little Dot! And I’ve also heard that you can change its name as well (you know… in case you don’t like your bf or husband taking to an “Alexa” on a daily basis)! Haha



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