The Best Valentine’s Day Desserts Happening in Orange County


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Most of you -if not all, are heading out on all sorts of fun dates tonight. Unfortunately I won’t be one of those people, as I’m currently in San Diego for work. And as silly as I believe Valentine’s Day to be, I do wish I was back home with Tony. Not doing anything fancy, just simply enjoying each others company over heart shaped desserts. We love dessert, guys! So it got me thinking about Valentine’s Day dinner reservations and stuff. But… what about dessert? I mean, yes, dessert will be part of your three course meal that night, but I’m talking dessert dessert. Like, not just a whiff of chocolate smudged on a plate but a big messy, delicious dessert. Like, for those of us who love dessert more than we love actual food. Or who prefer a simple dinner, followed by an awesome sweet treat! Know what I mean? So… I’ve listed a couple of dessert spots in Orange County that’ll be having some of the best Valentine’s Day sweet treats!

If I were home tonight for Valentine’s Day, Tony and I would probably (okay… most definitely) celebrate by driving around to each of these spots! NOT KIDDING.

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Rainy Days with Popsugar Must Have

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Rainy days have finally made their way to Orange County and I’m loving every minute of it! Rainy mornings, cloudy days, colder weather and stay-at-home movie date nights; indoor pumpkin carving, hot cocoa sipping and snacks for days. Puffer vests and puffer jackets, fall colors and fall accessories! You name it, Orange County is finally enjoying it all right now!

fall outfit inspiration, fun fall activities, henri bendel umbrella, madewell totebag, johnathan stone vest, rainy mornings, over the bridge blog, over the bridge

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15 Fun Fall Activities

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Of the four seasons we are given in a year, Fall is my absolute favorite! Not just because of the pumpkin spice lattes or cute Fall clothes (although they’re both up there), but because of the many gatherings that come with it. It’s like as soon as Fall arrives, the rest of the year just flies by, and every day is jam packed with events and family gatherings!

But seriously, gatherings are what the holidays are about, which is why I’ve put together a small list of fun Fall activities to do with family, friends, and those in town for holiday festivities. So in other words, consider this your bucket list of the season Read More

Weekend Outfit for The Ranch

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If you follow me on Snapchat (over_thebridge) or follow along on Instagram and Instagram stories, then you probably saw what I was up to this past Sunday -or saw that I recently called out for help from how tired I’ve been this week haha. This post is unlike the rest of the ones you’ve seen me do on the blog. It’s nothing glamorous, style-blogger-like, but just the opposite -and worth sharing!

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