Ways of Giving Back This Holiday Season (and Upcoming Year)!

Ways of giving back this holiday season, give back, make a difference,

Happy holidays, guys! I hope you all had yourself a wonderful, family-filled Christmas!

With so much going on in our house this month, we tried to be more conscious about the practicality in the gifts we gave, how much we spent and really tried focusing on each other and what this season is really about. So it got me thinking, how can my family and I (and others), give back not just this holiday season, but this upcoming year?

I made a list and broke it down into two categories: ways of giving back and companies/brands that give back. Here’s what I came up with.Read More

What’s in my bag


Part of the reason most girls carry a large handbag, makeup! Today I will be showing you what I carry in mine and why.

Bobbi Brown concealer: Works magic for anyone with dark circles!

Clinique powder: It has a natural feel to it and doesn’t leave the face looking or feeling cakey.

Revlon Lash Potion mascara: Having green eyes, I always feel the need to wear mascara even if the rest of my face is bare, simply because it makes my eyes look bigger.

Anastasia perfect brow pencil: Eyebrows are everything, so I rely on this pencil to brush any out of place hairs and fill in the blank spaces.

Rimmel eyeliner pencil: I love this eye liner! It’s so dark, it brings out my eyes, and it’s long lasting!

Chap stick: It’s a classic. It keeps my lips moisturized throughout the day and the size is perfect (it fits even in my smallest purse).

Tweezerman tweezers: You never know when you’ll need them!