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Hello + welcome to my blog! My name is Bridget Gomez and I’m an Orange County/Los Angeles-based blogger; I blog about fashion: my first love! // travels + adventures: because I was born with a wander lusting soul + a love for nature! // and my latest sewing projects: because I love to create, whether it be with the help of a sewing machine or by hand.

Wanna know more about me? Alriiiiiight…

  • I stand at 4ft/10in (5-something when in heels)!
  • I love bike riding (early in the morning + always to the beach)!
  • I carry a picnic basket + blanket in my car AT ALL TIMES (because you never know when you’ll come across a perfect little spot + HAVE TO stop for a picnic)!
  • I have a thing for art + museums.
  • I love yoga (because there’s just something oh so intriguing about turning your body into a human pretzel)!